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20.  The Collector – This title makes no sense either because I’m never really sure what this guy is collecting.  I think he’s collecting people, but he isn’t very good at it, and he only has one at a time so he’s not a great collector.  He has a box though, so the movie probably would have been called ‘The Box,’ except Cameron Diaz already used that title.

19.  Law Abiding Citizen – This and the next movie have titles that don’t really make sense.  We never really know for a fact if the main character was ever law abiding, and once the movie gets going he pretty much abides by no law.  They probably would have called it ‘Above the Law,’ but Steven Seagal already used that title in one of his movies.  The ending was ridiculous and Jamie Foxx sucked as usual.

18.  Dead at 17 –  I love Lifetime movies, but this one was a huge dud.  A bunch of high-school kids kill a stripper and then they want to kill each other.  It’s been done before and it’s been done much better.

17.  Transporter 3 –  I guess it was fine.  All these Transporter movies are pretty much the same.  The first movie actually wasn’t terrible, but they have gotten progressively worse (not surprisingly).  I actually didn’t finish the movie, but I’m sure the ending was just as bad as the rest of the movie.

16.  Role Models – Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott in the same movie – how could you go wrong?  Answer:  You can’t.  It’s a funny film and if you like Paul Rudd and the kid from ‘Super Bad’  it’s worth checking out.

15.  The Hurt Locker – Huh, who knew Guy Pearce was still acting?  After ‘Memento’ he seemed to disappear, but I guess he’s still giving it a go.  I thought he would be a big star by now, but apparently he thought staying out of the spotlight would be the best move for his career.  He should consult with Val Kilmer on whether or not that’s a wise move.

The movie is very good, and certainly worthy of an Oscar.

14.  The Promotion – Sean William Scott and John C. Reilly star in this one as a couple of grocery store managers battling it out for a big promotion.  It’s rather slow at times, but it’s still a pretty good movie.  Scott plays the young go-getter that looked like a shoe-in for the manager job until Reilly moves down from Canada to challenge for the position at the suburban Chicago supermarket.

13. Gamer: I only watched this because Dexter (Michael C. Hall) was in it, and it was slightly better than ‘The Stepfather,’ but still pretty bad.  It seemed like a mix between ‘Surrogates’ and ‘Death Race 3000′, except it wasn’t as good as either.  That’s saying something too because ‘DR 3000′ was pretty bad.  Shockingly, ‘Surrogates’ wasn’t bad, although Bruce Willis is kind of freakish looking in the film.

12. The Stepfather:  I’ll pretty much rent any horror movie out there, and since I had seen the original I figured I should check out the remake.   It was pretty bad and predictable.  I will say the best reason to watch any horror or zombie movie is to check IMDB afterward for the ‘100 Things I learned from……..(insert movie title)” thread.

11.  Dude Where’s My Car – It’s stupid, but I like it.

10.  12 Rounds – Awful.  I knew it was going to be awful though so I’m okay with it.  It stars some wrestler and Councilman Thomas ‘Tommy’ Carcetti from ‘The Wire.’  The latter was the reason why I watched it.  The premise is that some guy decides he’s going to go to way too much trouble to make some cop do 12 death-defying stunts because the cop arrested him a year earlier (and killed his girlfriend, but he didn’t kill his girlfriend so I didn’t really follow that point).

9.  Wind Chill – Great movie!  I always check out the horror section for any new zombie movies and this one caught my glance because it said it was produced by George Clooney (it’s not a zombie movie).  It’s not all that often you come across a horror movie with a name like that attached to it so I figured I should give it a shot.  It was worth it.  I had pretty low expectations, but it’s solid.  It’s more like a ghost movie than a horror movie, so if even if you hate horror films you could easily tolerate this one.

8.  Paranormal Activity – It was actually pretty good.  I’m usually pretty skeptical about these movies, and I feared it would be another ‘Blair Witch Project’, but it was enjoyable.  The actors were okay, and the story was fairly strong except for one small problem I had with the boyfriend.  I just never understood what made him think he was a ghost hunter or something.  I was with him when he thought it was all funny, but once he knew there were actually scary ghosts in the house why did he keep insisting that he could take care of the problem???

Can’t wait for the next 5 of these…….ugh.

7.  Iron Man – I had seen Iron Man previously, but as a favor to a friend of mine I decided to watch it again.  It’s decent.

6. White Out – It certainly sounded good.  It was about a US Marshall that went to the South Pole to escape her past, and instead of just wasting a couple years frolicking in the snow she ends up stuck in the middle of a huge murder investigation.  It was okay as a rental, but would have been great on Lifetime.

5. Pandorum – Ummm, I may have fallen asleep while watching.  It wasn’t very good.

4.  Pitch Black – Vin Diesel’s best film.  It’s a pretty good sci-fi film that spawned a pretty bad sequel.  It’s tough to pick a favorite Vin Diesel film since he has so many great ones out there, but this one is probably it for me.

3.  Food Inc.

Winner!  Food Inc. is one of the better films I’ve seen in 2010.  I’ve only seen 3, but so far it’s absolutely blowing away the competition.

2.  The Other Man

The movie had Laura Linney and Liam Neeson in it and I figured it was worth a shot since they did such a great job together in ‘Kinsey.’  It also had Antonio Banderas in it which was a pleasant surprise since I forgot who he was.

Overall, not a bad movie, but it’s kind of slow and certainly nothing special.  I was hoping I would get something along the lines of Liam Neeson in ‘Taken,’ but I got the more sensitive version of Neeson.

He seemed close to the breaking point a couple of times in the film, but never quite made it all the way.  It’s a shame.

1.  Jennifer’s Body

This movie was downright awful.  I really think Diablo Cody is probably the luckiest person in the history of Hollywood.   I saw Juno when it came out and I was mildly impressed – it was a pretty entertaining movie all things considered.  Pretty soon after that movie though she got a job writing an opinion article for Entertainment Weekly and it took about 10 seconds to realize that she’s a complete idiot.


In spite of this I decided to check out Jennifer’s Body, and it certainly confirmed my suspicion that her career is already over (or should be if it isn’t).


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