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The Author, me, was born and raised in upstate New York before moving to the big city in an attempt to escape the crushing weight of small town fame.  At only thirty three years of age RonnieDigital is already responsible for three attempts at writing a book, one attempt at a screenplay, two successful websites, and now this – Human See, Human Do. 

After years of writing and editing for his own website, The Chronicles, which was hailed by critics as a masterpiece but failed to achieve commercial success he decided to try his hand at blogging.   The blog, which is also being hailed as a masterpiece by critics, has been unable to find commercial success thus far, but it could be right around the corner!

As RonnieDigital says:  “If you’re unable to find commercial success, it could be right around the corner.”

Contributing authors for this blog include Antoine Fiore.  Antoine is a hockey enthusiast, and, an acclaimed author of numerous article for a hockey website that I don’t know the name of.   He also has played fantasy sports, written for his own blog, and is perhaps best known for looking like Paul Bettany.

In his free time Antoine enjoys Guitar Hero, reading, and spamming young children with advertisements for cheap prescriptions medicine.  Antoine is also a trained musician who can play the actual guitar in addition to being extremely proficient in Guitar Hero for the PlayStation 2.  His first band, Monsoon Hiatus, recorded 2 albums before breaking up.


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  1. debbiedigital says:

    Does one have to be radioactive to write for this blog?

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