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The next stop on my tour of the country was Atlanta.  Atlanta is perhaps best known for being in Georgia, and, ummm, I think that’s about it.  Peaches, maybe??  I always thought Georgia was one of those states that never gets cold – it isn’t.  It was cold.  Very cold.  And by very cold I mean like 40 degrees.  I was guessing it was going to be about 80.

As a result, I did not bring the proper attire to deal with the frigid Buildingtemperatures.  I also did not have the necessary clothes for scraping off my car when I returned to Syracuse and almost froze to death in the airport parking lot.  It did not help that I was wearing Chuck Taylor’s and stepped in a puddle prior to having to stand in the snow brushing my car off for 15 minutes…..Luckily I have two scrapers and was able to cut down the time spent scraping considerably.

So, what did I think of Atlanta?  Undecided.  Driving was less difficult than I figured it would be, but I never really got a feel for the city at all.  The city itself seemed clean, kind of small though and it feels very spread out.   Like one super-gigantic suburb.

I did find driving about was a tad strange, their on-ramps curve in all sorts of nonsensical directions and roads seem to criss-cross for no reason whatsoever.  It kind of just feels like a big clusterfuck no matter where you are – or where I was at least.  Since I had a rental car though, and I don’t care at all if I crash the aforementioned rental, it was pretty easy going for me.  The traffic admittedly seemed a tad insane, and once you Colonnadewere nearing the city it seemed like you were stuck at each light for about 45 minutes.  That was rather annoying.

The one thing I did try while down there was collard greens, and okra – neither of which I had much interest in, but figured I might as well take advantage of this opportunity to prove my suspicions that they are NOT delicious correct.  Well, I was right.  I also tried their fried chicken, which tasted like fried chicken, and since I don’t typically enjoy fried chicken this didn’t do much to change my perception.  Anyway, the place I went to was called ‘The Colonnade’ which I found by Googling places featured on the Food Network.  Turns out it’s the second oldest restaurant in Atlanta – I probably should have gone to the oldest.

Anyway, the pictures aren’t all that exciting.  They feature a shot of some building downtown, a “bookstore” called Peek-a-Boo (Atlanta seemed to have a unusually high number of  adult bookstores), a shot from the plane, a shot of the de-icer on the window of the plane since they left me on the runway in Chicago for 2 hours as they de-iced the stupid thing, Meehan’s (where I drank away the nights), and a couple dinner shots.  Oh, and my hotel room- which was exceptionally nice for a Courtyard……

Plane Peek A Boo Buildings Chik'n l Hotel De-Icing Bread Basket


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