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Birthday Weekend

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This may have been the best birthday weekend of sports of all-time.  At least for me – and hopefully anyone else born on December 28th.

Friday:  Syracuse faced off against Minnesota in the Texas Bowl – and after racing out to an early lead and seemingly having the game under control, they suddenly fell apart and just like that Minnesota took the lead.  Well, as soon as hope seemed to be fading they get a huge kickoff return and pulled out the win.

Syracuse 21 Minnesota 17

Keep Clam Bday

Saturday: After the Orange basketball team came out looking fairly lackadaisical Saturday afternoon they quickly fell behind 25-7 in the opening minutes of the game against Villanova. I quickly began preparing myself for the inevitable loss (this usually entails me warning anyone else in the room that they better exit before they get hit by a flying object).   However, twenty unanswered points later by Syracuse and the tide had turned.  The game ended up in a blowout Orange victory.

Syracuse 78 Villanova 62

Sunday:  The Chargers entered the previous week with a 1% chance at making the playoffs.  Going into today they needed a loss by both the Dolphins and Ravens, along with a victory of their own to advance.  After the 1:00pm games played out with both teams losing, the Chargers only needed to pull out a win against the Chiefs back-ups.   Well, shockingly the Chiefs back-ups were beating up on my Chargers until late in the fourth quarter.  Then, miraculously enough, the Chiefs missed an easy field goal at the end of regulation that would have won it, and the Chargers pulled this one out in overtime.

Chargers 27 Chiefs 24

Perfect sports birthday weekend complete.  Well done, me!!


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