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Christmas Wrapping

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It’s been a bit since my last post, so let me begin by wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!BeFunky_null_111.jpg

Now, on to the more important stuff.  I just happen to be an expert when it comes to gift giving & wrapping, and, as a result,  feel it is my duty to let everyone in on my secrets!

Soooooo, consider this my Christmas Eve gift to all my readers – Hi Deb!!!  Hi Matt!!!

Anyway, let me start by putting up for display all of the gifts I have wrapped in all of their Christmas splendor and then I will walk you through of my tips and tricks for making this Christmas the best ever for you and yours!

1.  Go with blue wrapping paper

– It’s very classy, and distinctive.  Everyone else will be gifting with their boring old red wrapping paper with candy canes, or santa on it – meanwhile, you’ll steal the show with your blue!!!   Why blue you ask?  Well, first, blue is everyone’s favorite color according to science, and secondly, as mentioned above, it just looks classier.  You could also go black, but then you just look pretentious – and probably won’t come back.


(The chart above shows what percentage of men/women choose blue as their favorite color)

2.  Forget to put names on certain presents!


– This is easily the best, and most important, tip I can provide you.  By “neglecting” to label a few presents (In case you can’t see the example in the picture to the left, I just put a “?” mark in the ‘To’ field, and tell everyone I effed up again and forgot to label my gifts) you can adjust your gift  giving on Christmas day to reward those that spend more on you!

Example, if Brother A clearly spent more than Brother B, when it comes time to dish out your gift you can redirect the more expensive gift card it toward Brother A – who clearly did more to earn it!

This is the primary reason to give gift cards by the way – although it can be done with regular presents, if you have a few gift certificates it is far easier to pull off.

3.  Put gift certificates in mugs!

– Since there is no convenient way to wrap a mug you will often end up with something like I have pictured in the bottom right side of my picture.  The kicker on this one is, even though there is a mug inside, it’s not actually the present!  Just grab any old mug from the cabinet, and throw a gift card inside!  Just sit back and watch the shock when the opener realizes first, that they just got their own mug, and second, that the present isn’t their mug – but the gift certificate inside!  So much Christmas joy & cheer!

4.  What’s happening to the wrapping in the lower left hand corner?BeFunky_gifts.jpg

– As most of you know I am always looking for ways to save the environment, and one thing I always do is wrap at least one of my presents with the scraps!  Not only does it ensure none of your paper goes to waste, but it also means you have at least one present with an incredibly high tape to wrapping paper ratio which will make this one of the most painful, and therefore most fun to watch someone try to open – make sure it’s someone young though.  If you give this one to your grandmother or grandfather Christmas may be over before they can break through all that tape.

Merry Christmas!!!!!


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