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I followed my big trip to Saint Louis up with a week long excursion to the home of America’s most annoying sports fans – Boston!  Conveniently enough the Boston Red Sox would be facing off in the World Series of baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals while I was there.   Unfortunately, on my trip to Saint Louis I had purchased a Cardinals hat, and since this was the only hat I brought with me on the trip, I was unable to wear it for the entire week so as to avoid being attacked by angry locals.

Let me start by saying Boston may possibly be my favorite city. It certainly surpasses Chicago, and is in the running to pass NYC, but I’m still somewhat on the fence on that – primarily because I’m a Yankees fan, and actually lived in New York City.

CelticsI will begin by getting some sporting events out of the way.  My first stop was TD Garden to see the Boston Celtics square off against the mighty Brooklyn Nets in a preseason game.  This was supposed to be Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce’s big return to Boston, but both of the jerks decided to sit this one out to hang out in Brooklyn and nurse the injuries they were faking.  The Garden was probably 50% empty.  The tickets were pretty much free though because the Red Sox were opening up the World Series,so I’m not going to complain.  Well, I think I just did, but just a little.  It was enjoyable enough though, and possibly the first time I have attended an NBA game in over a decade.


My second sports outing was to TD Garden as well, but this time I would be watching the Boston Bruins battle the San Jose Sharks.   The crowd for this game was obviously much better, and since it was an actual game, it featured a bit more intensity.  The Bruins somehow pulled it out by scoring with .02 seconds left, and the crowd went bananas.  I think partly because I was there and partly because they won they game.  Either way, well done Bruins.

DucksThe weather that week was pretty nice and Boston is an incredibly easy city to get around on foot.  As I walked about the city one very strange pattern emerged – if there is a statue, and there are a ton of them, there is probably a sixty-percent chance that the statue has been vandalized.  And by vandalized I mean that someone, maybe the city itself, has placed a Red Sox jersey on it.  Paul Revere, yup, wearing a Red Sox jersey.  Other guy on horse, yup, wearing the jersey.  Ducks in the park, yes, them too!  It never ends…….

I was also able to venture to yet another brewery since it was located right next to work, and this time I went Harpoon BreweryHarpoon Brewery.  I heard stories that Sam Adams has a free tour, and free beer to giveaway, but it seemed like more of a hassle, and when a brewery is right outside your door – you go.  The one downside to the Harpoon Brewery is that they provide ZERO free samples – ZERO.  Shame on you.


I also walked about the city quite a bit, and at one point stumbled upon Cheers which sits just outside of Boston Common (I think – I’m not from Boston, I might be making up names).  Actually, I stumbled upon Cheers twice.  They have a touristy one located in Quincy Market, and then the original (referenced above and the photograph to the left) – which is equally touristy to be honest.

Random picture time.  The first picture is of a big ship that was located outside my hotel room – and then I also included a picture of the cannons on the ship.  I included that because cannons need to be photographed.

I also have a pic outside of Fenway of some Red Sox player stealing a hat from a child.  Awful. Simply awful.

The Duck boat tour shot was taken as we were descending into the water – the duck boat is both a bus and a boat!!!!!

Also included are some additional shots of statues, that while unable to defend themselves, were clearly attacked and forced to wear a Red Sox jersey.  Sad, very sad.Bruins

Pirate Ship2 Freedom Trail Revere Statue Big Statue Duck Boat Red Sox Statue Fenway Commons


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