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Cat with opposable thumbs…

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In my most recent visit to the Humane Society of Syracuse I encountered what I thought was going to be a goldmine.  It was a cat with opposable thumbs!  After taking a few pictures that I planned on selling to the highest bidder (figured it would come down to ‘Cat Fancy’ or ‘The National Enquirer’) I headed home to notify the world of my mind.BeFunky_cat.jpg

Well, as it turns out the cat wasn’t all that unique at all.  What I did find though was a cat with 28 toes, and numerous references to cat named Chuvalo, who only has one opposable thumb but has gained a little fame for his or her half-assed attempt at having opposable thumbs.  This cat had TWO, but it still wouldn’t be enough for me to retire just from the pictures I took.


Anyway, here is my picture of the white cat with opposable thumbs.  He/she had them on both feet by the way – way to go super-advanced genetically superior cat!!  Hopefully you get adopted.


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