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From the Archives – Originally posted 5/17/2011

Yahoo had an interesting story about a bear attack today that resulted in one man being severely mauled and left in critical condition.

Perkins, a former Nome fire chief, was attacked on Sunday by a large bear that he and two companions were tracking by snowmobile in a hilly area outside of Nome, the Alaska State Troopers said.

Perkins was riding in front of his companion when the bear charged him, trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters said.

From Urban Dictionary:  Drive-By:

The other men in the hunting party shot and killed the bear and called for help by radio, she said.

I have to say I take exception to the fact that they keep referring to the bear attacking Mr. Perkins.  I’m pretty sure if you’re tracking something in snowmobile to shoot it, you’re the one that’s on attack.  You’re probably not really hunting either I think the technical term is a drive-by.

I’m including this definition from Urban Dictionary of ‘drive-by’ just because of how stupendously random it is (and animal related):

drive by:

What happens when chimps escape from the zoo and get hold of guns and motor vehicles. 

Where Mv = Motor Vehicle, Ch = Chimp, D = Drive by. It can be equated as follows:
Mv + Ch = D
Where MD = Multiple drive by, and x is equal to any number greater than 1, the following equation holds true:
Mv + (x)Ch = MD
Example:  Hey look, those chimps have a gun and car keys! WATCH OUT!

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