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An e-mail account wasted….

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I think I’ve addressed this troubling topic previously, but since the problem is escalating I thought I might as well vent about it again.  I really, really try hard to keep my Gmail accounts clear of spam, except of course for the one account that was specifically designed to take on all spam.

My plan worked well for a year or two, until suddenly out of the blue every person in the world with my last name decided to start registering on sites with my e-mail address, or using my e-mail address to send work related materials from their offices, or to give to their family, etc…..The end result is that I now constantly get spam at the e-mail address I worked so hard to keep clear of such things.

So, Robert, Robert #2, Rachel, Richard, the other Ron, and Roger – pleas stop!  Especially the Roger that keeps using my e-mail address to sign up for sites like Classmates.com.  These daily reminders that someone just signed your guest book are a tad annoying, and I think Classmates.com is probably the site that started the onslaught of spam.

Here is a rundown of all the perpetrators:

Rachel – Works for some sort of non-profit organization/church and I get e-mails from just about everyone that has ever known Rachel.


To this day I’m still CC’d about official business relating to both the church and the non-profit organization.  I have actually had extended e-mail conversations with people in their church, and they’re all very nice people so I try not to get too frustrated with Rachel’s friends and co-workers.

Robert #1 – Very nice guy, sent me some spreadsheets from work, luckily for him I didn’t open them, and he was actually quite apologetic when I notified him.  However, that didn’t stop Robert #1 from using my e-mail address as his back-up for his new Yahoo e-mail address, and when he forgot his password I had to help him get it back.  He’s been great for awhile now though.  Kudos to Robert #1.

Roger – Roger I sometimes get notification about family events, etc…Recently though he began registering on sites like Classmates.com, so now I know whenever Roger reconnects with friends from high school!  I blame Roger for all the spam I get.  Roger is a dick.

Richard – Richard also receives e-mails from his family at my address.  His family wasn’t nice enough to respond though when I very nicely told them that I wasn’t Richard.  I don’t think they believed me though, because they have sent e-mails since then about the family.

Robert #2 – I assume there is a second Robert, because this Robert recently registered on a site called VistaPrint to order business cards, and I got his confirmation, etc…from the site for his order.  The first Robert hadn’t used my e-mail address in so long that I find it hard to believe he would suddenly start using it again.

Ruth – Ruth is very into astrology, and her guru is some lady named Bethea.  Ugh.  I have you too Ruth.

Robert #3 – Part of the very loving, and quite lovely Audette family. I almost want to post a picture they sent, but it would be rather rude so I won’t.  Yet.  Rob apparently has lost a lot of weight in the past year and looks “20 years younger.”  Way to go Rob – now start giving your family the right e-mail address so they will leave me alone.  Since I am not posting picture, I will post a fun little exchange:

Jo-Ann:  “Wow Lucie and Rob- it is gorgeous what a make over!  The shower will be perfect for bathing Cooper, he is ready and waiting!”

Audette:  “Great look — especially those “demon-eyed dogs”!!!  Enjoy your new luxury!
Rose and Terry”

They just installed a new bathroom in the downstairs…….


1 Comment

  1. Deb says:

    How funny! You need to email all of these people at once so they can see HOW MANY people are inconveniencing you. Maybe it will make them feel worse and therefore more like really telling their contacts that your address is not their address.

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