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I feel like this film is worthy of a much longer review than I’m about to provide, but here we go.

1.  It’s a Michael Bay film.  Normally this would be MORE than enough to stay away, but this time I went anyway.

2.  Mark Wahlberg is in it.  I still struggle not to call him Marky Mark….sorry Mark!  He’s playing a somewhat comedic role and that almost balances out the pain of knowing it’s a Michael Bay film.  photo (7)

Note:  I still have not seen Ted since I thought it looked terrible.  In every other comedic role I have found Wahlbergh pretty hilarious.  (Yes, I know I spell his name differently every time – maybe that’s why I want to stick with just Marky Mark).

3.  Monk and The Rock have major roles.  It’s really all about the cast now.

I’m not sure what to make of the movie to be honest.  I didn’t realize it was a true story until right before the movie began, and I spent most of the movie wanting to leave so I could read about the real life events due to the fact that the whole plot is so far-fetched.  I think that (and that Michael Bay directed it) took a bit away from the movie, but I did read about the true story (LINK to STORY) and as it turns it – IT IS TRUE.  Which is utterly astounding.  Seriously.  It’s incredible.

The Rock gave the best performance in the film, and it featured enough funny moments to allow me to recommend it.

Note:  That picture was taken by me at the movie theatre, so if you like my photography, and would like to hire me – please let me know!!


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