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Laundry Day

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Today is laundry day!  My favorite of all chores, and thanks my new apartment I’ve been able to take my show to a more public stage in 2013.  That pretty much means I have no laundry on site so I get to spend a couple hours each week hanging out with the lovely people at the laundromat down the street…..and by lovely I mean somewhat frightening people who seem to covet my pocketfull of quarters!

Since I’m doing laundry it seemed to be a good idea to critique of all my housekeeping capabilities – very compelling topic.

Laundry:  9/10 (skill level)

Comments:  Not only do I like doing laundry, the only chore I enjoy doing in fact, but I’m fairly competent handling clothing.  I can even sort them into colors vs. whites.  I do not do that, but I am one-hundred percent capable.

Dishes: 11/10

Comments:  I hate doing dishes, but I do not trust dish washers (unless the kindly cleaning people at the Marriott are operating it for me) so even when I do have one (I don’t now) I still go with straight up hand-washing.  I’m going to say I’m superior to almost everyone at this since I pretty much never get sick and if I wasn’t doing a good job I probably would be sick all the time.  Plus, I have tons of experience.

Cooking:  2/10

Comments:  Ummmm, I guess I can follow a recipe, but admittedly the effort is lacking.  If it wasn’t for red pepper flakes and pepperjack cheese I would probably be completely unable to flavor anything (not true).  I do try though as evidenced by my fridge – today was also SHOPPING DAY so my supplies are a bit higher than normal.


Dusting: 0/10

Comments:  On any cleaning day no fucks were ever given by me if I miss out on dusting.  It pretty much spells doom for my blinds, but you can flip them and then buy new ones once both sides have accumulated enough dust.

Vacccccuuuuum:  8.5/10

Comments:  Eh, not much to say about this other than I’m super freaking spectacular at cleaning carpets AND rugs with the help of a vacuum!Claire-Forlani-001

Mopping:  5/10

Comments:  I try to use a Swiffer, but for whatever reason I find that thing mind-boggling.  It cleans a bit, but I’m convinced it just makes things messier.

Sweeping:  ????

Comments:  N/A

General Cleaning:  8/10

Comments:  Those wet wipe things have pretty much revolutionized keeping the countertops, etc…clean so I’m going to grade myself out pretty high in this area.  I could probably spend a little more time cleaning the shower, but I’ve never understood why it can’t just do that itself since it’s always got water going and soap flowing everywhere.  Stupid shower.

Other stuff:  10/10

Comments:  Yup.  That good.



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