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NCAA Tournament: Saturday’s Picks!

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Saturday Games:

VCU vs. Michigan State:160fulldfasdfasd

The trendy pick is going to be VCU here, and I think they pull this one out.

One of my rules in picking games is knock out all Big 10 teams not named Michigan State or Ohio State early most years.  Unless they’re playing PAC 10 teams.  Pac 10 teams will almost always lose to Big 10 teams.  If Michigan gets hot from three, it could go the other way, but I’m going with VCU.

Memphis vs. Michigan State:

Michigan State wins.  Memphis isn’t very good.

Colorado State vs. Louisville:

Louisville should roll by around twenty points.

Harvard vs. Arizona:

Ummmm, kind of shocked that Harvard won in the first round, but I think they go down fairly easily to Arizona.  I’m not in love with this Arizona squad, so I suppose I wouldn’t be SHOCKED if they lost, but I just don’t see it happening.

Oregon vs. St. Louis:

St. Louis along with VCU are the trendy mid-major picks this year.  I still like Oregon, they have decent guards and can really score the ball.  If you can avoid succumbing to VCU’s pressure defense in the backcourt you should be fine – I think Oregon will handle it well enough.  Oregon in a tight one.

Butler vs. Marquette:

Ugh, this game is too painful to watch.  Hopefully this is the game that ends up on TruTV so the fans of both teams have to suffer the indignity of listening to Lizard Lick Trucking commercials for two hours.

Both teams like to hold the ball for 25 seconds and then try to score, now most teams “try” to score, but other teams have a plan that doesn’t revolve around lulling the opposing defense to sleep by boring them to death – for these two wasting time is the name of the game.  They also like to foul a lot and rely on the officials to let them get away with it because they’re scrappy!  Who cares who wins.  I don’t.  I’m not even going to pick this one because we all lose when they play.

I will take a guess and say that the halftime score will be 26-21 in favor of Marquette, after that it’s anybody’s guess.

Wichita State vs. Gonzaga:

Gonzaga tried very hard to be the first #1 seed to lose to a #16, and I really, truly wish it happened.  In spite of their poor outing they should win this game thanks to some badass moving screens by Kelly Olynyk……..

Okay, Kelly Olynyk reminds you most of:

A)  Luke Wilson’s character from the ‘Royal Tenenbaums’

B)  Kelly Leak (‘That dude is a bad mutha.” – Ahmad Abdul Rahim)  They even share a first name if that helps.

C)  80’s tennis star Bjorn Borg

D)  Women’s Basketball player Katy Johnson

California vs. Syracuse

Syracuse wins because it’s Syracuse and HSHD LOVES SYRACUSE!  Syracuse seems to be doing a better job of moving the ball around and as the shot selection has improved not surprisingly so have the results.  Let’s Go Orange!


1 Comment

  1. debbiedigital says:

    The Butler commentary: hysterical.
    And Otto: Looking good!

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