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(more) Beeeeeeeeeees!

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Okay, lots of big things going on over the past ten days, so I’m going to start by touching on a few important topics.

Claire ClKentucky Fried Chicken is claiming they have “cooks” prepare your food in a commercial I saw earlier today.  This may be an even more dubious claim than Subway calling their specialists “sandwich artists.”  Pretty sure there aren’t many food “artists” that prepare chicken in a microwave right in front of your eyes, even KFC wouldn’t do that, but I guess Subway is hoping you don’t notice or something.   Either way, good for you KFC employees, I hope they get a raise at KFC with this new title.  Maybe they were already called cooks, who knows – but it sounded a bit odd to me.

Beeeeees continue to try to impress upon me just how dangerous they are, and sadly seem to be targeting just about anyone or anything they can to show off how increasingly angry they are becoming.  In Hollywood, CA they took down their second dog in a month – proving yet again that they live solely to do bad things.  Message received bees.

A new pope was sworn in, or elected, or chosen by god – whatever it is that happens.  My entire office has been talking nonstop about the big event, so it’s nice to see it come to a close so order can be restored at work.

The NY Times had this little blurb followed by a test:

Only 12 percent of the nation’s high school seniors demonstrated proficiency in history last year, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Can you do better?

Well, since I’m always up for a challenge I decided to take the test – and I think I finally erased all of your doubts that I am in fact NOT as smart as a high school senior.

Here is the link if you want to take the ridiculous quiz:  http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2011/06/19/weekinreview/19quiz.html?ref=weekinreview


I did get one wrong…..Ooops.  I’m still a winner though because I get the inside dirt on clean laundry – it’s really quite a film.  If you get the same link (advertisement), definitely take advantage.

Finally, the NCAA tournament is starting up this week and the brackets have been released so my extensive coverage will be starting shortly!


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