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Brian Williams thinks he’s better than you….

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Although I have not seen the interview with Brian Williams, I did read the following article about his recent talk with Alec Baldwin, the actor made famous for his dead on portrayal of Daniel Baldwin in Capital One Venture Card commercials.

thFrom the article, ‘Brian Williams:  I grew up on SpaghettiOs and Spam’:

“I did not know vegetables came fresh,” Williams told Baldwin. “I thought they were frozen bricks in the field. Salad was one-eighth of a head of iceberg lettuce sliced with a steak knife with a spoonful dollop of mayonnaise on the top.” 

He says his mom, like so many mothers across the country, creatively improvised with canned products.

“My mother’s goulash was one can SpaghettiOs and a quarter-pound ground beef,” he continued. “We had Spam. We had what everybody else had.”

First of all, nobody grew up eating more Spaghettios’s than me.   I’m just pointing this out because I love SpaghettiO’s, and I don’t want any of my readers thinking some celebrity out there is a bigger SpaghettiO’s fan than myself.

More importantly, his mom sounds both a tad lazy with the salad, and a bit of an overachiever with the goulash.  They already make SpaghettiO’s with something akin to beef in them – SpaghettiO’s and Meatballs –  so why go the extra mile and add in a quarter pound of ground beef (that was probably the Spam by the way).

Then, despite going so overboard in her efforts to spice up a delicious meal that needs nothing to be extraordinary she’s just taking out some lettuce, hacking it up with a steak knife, and throwing mayo on it?  This whole story seems fake.

Also, some kid that thought vegetables grew in the form of frozen bricks would have absolutely no idea what an eighth of anything was – he just wouldn’t.   In addition, I’m quite positive that ANY child that thinks vegetables grow as frozen bricks in a field is probably in danger of mistaking that steak knife for the salad on any given day.  Why didn’t anyone tell him the truth?

We ate vegetables from a can, but my family never allowed me to think cans of corn and beans were growing in fields in the midwest.



  1. matt says:

    I agree it this sounds fake. Did Brian Williams skip elementary school and all forms of interaction with the outside world like TV and movies?

  2. ronniedigital says:

    Exactly!! This sounds like a cute story your PR rep made up for you! 🙂

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