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14 Habits of Healthy Men

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Every once in awhile I like to check up on myself and do a quick self-diagnostic using all the powers of the interweb!  Since I consider myself probably the healthiest person in my household I have a reputation to uphold, and part of maintaing that coveted title involves playing lots of PS3 and looking online for what other healthy people are doing.

Before looking at the list (provided generously by MSN) I’m going to jot down a few things I do most nights:Claire-claire-forlani-673794_456_652

Nap, play PS3, drink coffe, watch basketball, make dinner, utilize complex technological devices (laptop, remote), look out my window.

Here is their list:

Guys night out, alone time, date night, games/sports, getting organized, exercise routine, charity, indulgent meal, downtime with family, meal with family, playing an instrument, time with the kids, walking.  (Click here for the list)

I’ve highlighted all of those that I do regularly.

These lists are always crap (as evidenced by the fact that the lists do not match) – most of those are impossible and one is unavoidable (unless you run everywhere you go – which seems unlikely in your house.  I know this because I tried one month.)

I may have an exercise routine, but it’s closer to freestyle – so I’m no going to count it.  I will however count charity since I am incredibly giving and take the time each day to give of myself by waving emphatically to the homeless people that litter the on/off ramps all over Syracuse.  Most people just ignore them, I always take the time to to at least nod or turn up my music to entertain them.

Downtime with family?  Not possible – although I do engage quite liberally in downtime.  Half a point!

Meal with family?  This entire list seems to revolve a lot around food (indulgent meals???) – not sure how I could accomplish this one.

Playing an instrument – insert your own joke……

Time with kids?  Ummm, the only way to make this one happen might end up with me in prison – which is unhealthy – so I’m comfortable missing out here.

Total Health Score:  98.7%





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