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(Since I haven’t posted in a bit I’m going to pull a post out of the archives – this one is from September 7, 2008……apparently I went apple picking!!!)

I was forced to go to an apple orchard yesterday and pick some apples.  I was driving so I guess I could have refused, but I was out-voted 3-1 so I never really stood much of a chance.

The odd part about the whole experience is that the orchard already had picked apples for you and bagged them.  This seems to have made the whole act of entering the field and picking them yourself unnecessary, but we bravely made our way into the field anyway so we could see what it was like in the old’en days when people harvested their own fruits and vegetables.

It was actually a nice diversion, but they only had three little sections of the orchard open for business so the pickings were a little slim.  Plus, they were all green apples, which made it incredibly difficult to tell if they were ripe or not.  Fruit really needs to change color, that’s how it tells me it’s ready to go in my belly, without cues like that I just don’t know what to do.  It’s like the green apple is somehow smarter than me, and that makes me hate it.  I’m still going to eat them, but I’m not happy about it.

The orchard also had some unhappy looking ponies with kids riding them around in circles, a chicken, and some goats.  The goats seemed to love the attention, but they also seemed to be having some trouble getting their heads back through the fence.  In retrospect, maybe they were just stuck, and not really starving for attention as it initially appeared.  (the adults had horns, which may have been why they were stuck – they may also have been unicorns…..my memory is fuzzy)

All things considered the orchard was pretty fun, and if you have one in your area I say go ahead and make the trip.  Worst thing that can happen is you come home with some stupid apples.


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