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Things less shocking than Lance Armstrong admitting to doping.

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Lance Armstrong has reportedly admitted to doping!  I just cannot stop trembling from this horrible news……..who could have known!  I would likeClaire Forlani to thank Oprah for finally breaking this story wide open.

This has to be the least revealing inteview of all-time.  Oprah’s schedule for the rest of the week includes:

Tuesday:  LeBron James will appear live with Oprah to reveal to the world that the Heat won the NBA Championship in 2012.

Wednesday:  An interview with John Anderson, inventor of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.”  Mr. Anderson is expected to finally reveal the shocking truth – it’s not really butter!

Thursday:  Chris Marks, NASCAR spokesperson, will finally come clean and admit that NASCAR really isn’t a sport, it’s just cars driving in circles.

Friday:  Noted zoologist Katherine Thompson will appear to announce that after years of exhaustive research her findings indicate that ‘Planet of the Apes’ is not in fact a documentary.



  1. matt says:

    You should be spending your valuable free time focused on truly important issues like figuring out how to get James Southerland eligible. I bet you could ace his classes for him.

  2. debbiedigital says:

    didn’t he announce this a while back? Still, I LOVE the rest of Oprah’s line up. Can’t wait to tune in!

  3. ronniedigital says:

    Nooooooooo! He’s always denied it – Oprah finally got him to crack!

    Ugh……..Southerland better be able to play again this year or the Orange are in some serious trouble.

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