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And the nominees are…..

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Something went amiss with the weather in upstate New York this weekend – it was somewhere in the vicinity of 90 degrees today.  It may have been a tad less, but nevertheless it was warm enough for people to break out the shorts and t-shirts.  Well, to be honest, it wasn’t warm enough for that, but a decent part of the population around here will start wearing shorts in the winter whenever the temperature breaks 50 degrees.

My beloved Orange got some bad news this weekend with James Southerland being suspended by the University.  This seems to have turned into a yearly occurrence, not sure if he’ll be back, but I think this team may be in a bit of trouble either way.

After putting together one of the worst offensive performances I had ever seen from a Syracuse squad in the first half on Saturday they did manage to rebound and play quite well in the second while cruising to victory.  The big upside there is that Trevor Cooney managed to finally knock down a couple threes, and Dajuan Coleman actually logged some second half minutes and played reasonably well.

570059_175_jpg570059_175_thumb_900x0I think the team is too limited offensively to do much damage going forward, but this next weekend’s game against Louisville should go a long way toward showing whether or not the team can be a legitimate contender.

BBC still hasn’t re-posted ‘Copper’ on onDemand – I may have to give in and rent it.

Now, on to the Oscar nominations and my special edition commentary on the nominees for Best Picture:

Amour – By far the most boring trailer I have ever seen.  Is this movie really about people sitting quietly?

Beasts of the Southern Wild – I like the name.  The trailer for this one makes me thing it’s ‘Life of Pi’ combined with ‘Where the Wild Thing Are.”  Keep in mind I have never seen those two movies either.

Silver Linings Playbook – I have seen the trailer for this one many times – it looks like it might be a decent enough movie (maybe a little confusing), but I didn’t see it as a Best Picture nominee.

Zero Dark Thirty – I watched the ‘Hurt Locker’ trailer right after this one.  I liked the ‘Hurt Locker,’ not much interest in this.

Lincoln – Daniel Day Lewis?  Steven Spielberg?  All they needed is mid-90’s Tom Hanks to make an appearance and it would have been a lock.  Still, Lincoln probably wins.   Eh, definitely wins.

Les Miserables – Why can’t they remake ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ there have been 800 versions of Les Mis!  Anyway, I started the trailer, but they had a shot of Ralph Macchio from the Karate Kid showing directly below the trailer so I ended up watching the trailer for that instead.  ‘You’re the best around………” Still a great song.

Life of Pi – I had seen the trailer before and remembered not liking it very much.  This time around I was a bit more interested.  Still probably not enough to watch it……..we’ll see.

Django Unchained – Was this really nominated?   Really?

Argo – Based on the trailer and beards this one would get my vote.

That’s it folks!  My 2012 Oscar preview edition!!!!!  I typically have seen most of the nominees – not this time.  I’m a bit disappointed in myself.


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