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The New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Yes, a new year is upon us and although I haven’t had a post recently I wanted to assure everyone that I am okay.  I was too busy opening presents and celebrating my two four-day weekends to write a post!

So, what’s new:

I am addicted to DrawSomething – If you want a chance to challenge RonnieDigital, feel free to add me:  ronniedigital1

I delete anyone that doesn’t complement my drawings or move within 48 hours though, so if you add me, expect to get deleted sooner or later.  I also will delete you if you incorrectly guess any of my drawings.160fullsdfasdf

On to the news:

Apparently in Chicago the authorities have re-opened the investigation into the death of a man that won one million dollars in the lottery and dropped dead the following day.  They originally ruled the death was from natural causes.

Now, here’s the baffling part.  After reopening the investigation (he died in July) they concluded he died from cyanide poisoning.  I’m no detective, but when some man in his 40’s dies the day after hitting the lottery for a million dollars I might just check to see if they were poisoned.

No autopsy was done because, at the time, the Medical Examiner’s Office didn’t generally perform them on people 45 and older unless the death was suspicious…”

The death wasn’t suspicious?  I’m not sure a death can get more suspicious to be honest.  Maybe if he had also been shot as well, but otherwise, I would think that kind of coincidence might just count.

Take a second and think about poisoning someone – what options did you come up?  Like everyone else in the world that has never seriously considered poisoning someone you probably drifted back to all those detective shows you watched and came up with rat poison or cyanide.   You would think they would at least test for a couple of the more obvious options.

(Note:  If you came up with something else you probably think about these things too often).


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