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End of the World

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So I held off on posting for a bit so everyone could enjoy their time with their friends and families as opposed to reading my blog, but yesterday came and went, and the world never ended.  I typically disregard the end of the world events, but since my parents raised me with a strong sense of respect for the Mayan calendar I was taking this one pretty seriously.  I guess my parents were wrong.  Stupid Mayans….my parents put their trust in the wrong mesoamerican civilization I guess.

claire-forlani-crouch-end-7The President gave me Monday off!  Well done, Sir.  Well done.

Yesterday as I was making my way West (or East, I’m not good w/ directions) from Syracuse to Rochester I stopped at one of the service stations to get a bagel from Dunkin Donuts.  Of course, as it turned out, Dunkin Donuts did not have the bagel I wanted because since I left NYC Dunkin Donuts has never had the bagel I wanted – or pretty much anything else I was interested in purchasing.  They seem to have a serious issues with keeping items in stock.  Maybe if you go in at 5am the place is just overrun with delicious treats, but somewhere around 8am and later they pretty much have a ton of donuts and an unlimited supply of lunch offerings – anything else and they just offer you strange substitutes.

“Oh, you wanted an everything bagel, with veggie cream cheese?  Well, we could give you a croissant with plain cream cheese!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, you wanted an egg and cheese croissant, we’re actually out of croissants, but we could give you a piece of cheese on flatbread.  Toasted!”

That’s pretty much every trip to Dunkin Donuts……

Anyway, as luck would have it, as I was standing in line I found $10 on the floor that some elderly lady in front of me I had dropped on the ground while she was paying for her meal.  After quickly scooping up the money I almost immediately decided that I needed to test my luck on end of the world Friday and buy myself a $10 scratch off.

However, with it being so near Christmas, I decided to forego my millions and instead hold on to the money in case I needed it to buy presents.

Well, by the end of the night I had reversed course and decided to buy that lotto ticket, and here’s why:

1.  I found $10 on the same day the world was supposed to end, but did not!!

2.  The President gave me Monday off!

3.  I saw an actual zombie walking around KMart as I was Christmas shopping – as most of my friends know I love zombies (and always have, way before it became somewhat trendy to like zombies), and couldn’t believe my good fortune when I stumbled upon a deceased person walking around Christmas shopping.

4.  When I went to leave KMart there was a futuristic lottery scratch off machine staring at me – as I approached I again had second thoughts about playing, but then I saw:

5.  A Monopoly scratch off game!  In case anyone is unaware, I am a spectacular Draw Something player, and recently I have been drawing the Monopoly guy repeatedly for the Hasbro category to get the easy 9 coins…


Winning Ticket!

Clearly it was destiny with so many amazing things on happening on the samed day so I took my $10 and bought the ticket………the results will be posted soon.  I haven’t scratched the ticket yet.  I figured it would be best to let the card age and let the interest accumulate while I wait – plus it will be more fun to post my progress!



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