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Recap time!

Saturday night Syracuse matched up against the Canisius Golden Griffins.  As we do in each recap I will begin by giving everyone some background information about our opponent.

Canisus:  Located in Buffalo, they have at least 12 students, I know this because they have at least twelve players on their basketball team.  Their team name is the Golden Griffins, a Golden Griffin is actually a flower arrangement that came to being during the renaissance when it was handed out to single mothers at renasissance gasl_claire_forlani_01fairs.  If you would like more information please refer to their Wikipedia page.

This was yet another blowout for the Orange, 85-61, and yet another game where the opponent managed to stick around a bit longer than expected.  After finishing the first half down three, the Orange turned up the pressure a bit and took the game over in the second half.

Player of the Game:  Brandon Triche!  He may not be my favorite Orange of all-time, but he put together a solid outing and was one of the few players who seemed to play well in both halves.

MCW in his first game since the shoplifting debacle (Lord & Taylor has banned young Mr. Williams from their stores for three years – considering he’s going to making millions next year this may not have been the best idea on their part) struggled a bit and finished up the first half with only one assist.  The NCAA leader in assists somehow still managed to hit double figures by piling them on late, and ended up with solid numbrers in spite of an unspectacular performance.

The other option for player of the game was James Southerland who seems to have regained his shooting stroke.  He finished 3-6 from downtown, and continued to show a penchant for hitting mid-range jumpshots.

Note:  The walk-ons scored!!!!!!!

Jerami Grant didn’t get a ton of minutes in this one, but really seems to play well and contribute when given a chance.  I didn’t think he would get much court time this year, but with the way he’s playing it’s going to be hard to relegate him to full-time bench status.

Rakeem Christmas played well too, hitting a few nice jumpers and finishing well around the rim.

Other than that, not much to add.  The team did not rebound well early, but there were a lot of long rebounds which made it a bit more difficult to throw the blame onto the bigs.

JB going for 900 on Monday……


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