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My trip to VA!

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I think I have been through Virginia before, but I think this was my first trip where I stayed for an extended period of time (five days).

Five thoughts on my trip: 

1.  The beds at the Marriott are insanely comfortable.   I didn’t even realize beds could be so soft…….Forlani Red

2.  In spite of leaving NUMEROUS notes on the desk requesting additional pens, the cleaning people refused to leave me more pens.  I know they saw the note as well because they would move the notepad each day.  What’s so hard about providing a pen collector an extra pen or two?  I hope they know how much their refusal effected their tip.

3.  Eating Cheerios out of a coffee cup is much easier than I ever figured it would be.   Although that didn’t stop me from spilling most of them on the floor –  the cleaning people tended to miss most of them, which was a tad disappointing.

Note:  This would not have had an impact on their tip though.

4.  Richmond has an odd smell to it – not sure where it comes from, but they need to address that issue.

5.  Gas is insanely cheap in VA, and so are cigarettes.  Two great reasons to move to VA – although their state motto is a little creepy and is one huge reason not to move to VA.

Overall it was a nice trip, I did miss a Syracuse game on Thursday though which may have marked the first time I missed a game in about a decade.  I cried a little that night – I’m not sure I was ever more disappointed in myself, but I will try to make up for it going forward by watching the rest of the games twice.


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  1. killertomatoes says:

    Did you fly down? No thoughts on the flight?

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