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The decline

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I was just glancing over my statistics and noticed that Human See, Human Do has taken quite a fall in popularity over the years and I have been wracking my brain over any possible reason.  As the number of views go down, so do my sales, and sales are what drive this site!  Without the sales there is no content, and without content there is no new merchandise, and without new merchandizes there is no repeat customers, and without repeat customers we’re all doomed.

So, being incredibly analytical, I know this  btw because I often reference that strength in cover letters (along with my passion for teamwork and donut holes) – I decided to look closer at the numbers and try to pinpoint what the problem is or was.

My first theory I discarded rather quickly, and that was that my views started to go down when I stopped updating my blog.  It seems to follow because when I stopped updating my hits did start to decrease, but the connection just isn’t strong enough for me to believe this one to be true.  With all the great content I had already provided I figure there were hundreds of reasons to come back and re-read the material so I can’t fathom this to be the cause.

My second thought was the lack of new merchandise .  I also threw this theory out the window pretty quickly, since sales have always been sporadic, hovering between zero sales per month and no sales each month.

In case you’re interested, here are the stats:

HSHD Stats

Sadly, looking over the stats, I had almost as many views in May, 2010 than I have had this entire year.  So what is the most likely reason for this huge setback?


The proliferation of zombies on television, in films, literature, it’s too much and it’s caused a mass exodus from Human See, Human Do that even the release of a new Planet of the Apes in 2011 could not cure.

I still haven’t quite pinpointed just how this has hurt my site views so much, but I rest assured, I am on the case…..


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