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One of my bigger pet peeves, probably second to people who cheat at Words with Friends, is soda prices at restaurants.  The first time I remember losing my mind over soda was in Bayside about a decade ago.  After watching a football game or two and preparing to pay my bill I realized I was not getting free refills, and ended up purchasing about $100 worth of coke (probably two cans worth after ice is figured in).  Since then I try to boycott any establishment that does not provide free refills (unless the price is amazingly low).  The other thing that will lead to a boycott is just generally excessive pricing.

Sooooooo, at work on Friday I ventured out for lunch with my co-workers to The Retreat in Liverpool (Liverpool is a bit North in Syracuse).  Although the lunch was fine, the reason I am writing the post, in case you could not guess, is due to the price of their soda.

Note:  I had a chicken fajita wrap, which in of itself is pretty odd because I have never had a fajita in my life.  I guess I still haven’t, but the wrap version was pretty good.  The ingredients didn’t quite align with how I picture fajitas, but it was good regardless.

Second Note:  Speaking of wraps, I also feel the need to commend them on closing the wrap properly.  All too often when I try to get wraps they are wrapped poorly and fall apart.  So, this almost makes up for my issue – but not quite.

At the end of the lunch I noticed the bill included a $2.25 charge for soda.  I can buy a full dinner with unlimited soda from Taco Bell for that much.  Well, it may cost more than that, but not much more.  Not that I want to buy dinner from Taco Bell mind you, but the point remains the same – $2.25 is insane for soda, even with unlimited refills.  The threshold for me on soda is $1.75, once you hit or break that barrier you are forcing me to boycott your restaurant.  So, to The Retreat, in spite of your service and food I am now boycotting you……..good day!



  1. matt says:

    Was it $2.25 for one soda or for unlimited? Also, when did you start calling it soda instead of pop? When you moved to Syracuse? When in Rome.

  2. Laura says:

    I have begun referring to it exclusively as sodie pop.

  3. ronniedigital says:

    Ummm, I think I transitioned to soda a while ago, but I still go back and forth a bit. NYC people tend to freak out on you when you say pop, so out of fear I started calling it soda.

    Sodie Pop means you have ice cream in your soda/pop!!

  4. ronniedigital says:

    It was $2.25 for unlimited, but I didn’t get a refill so I spent 2.25 for one can of soda. They could at least provide an option, like $1.00 for no refill, $2.25 for unlimited….

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