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Here you go – we here at Human See, Human Do will blog about anything anyone requests!!!!!

Syracuse is still rolling along against lesser opponents with an easy 87-51 victory over Colgate yesterday.  It was good to see a 36 point margin of victory, especially with Colgate sticking relatively close to the Orange for the first 10-15 minutes thanks to some good three-point shooting.  Well, it wasn’t necessarily good since I think at least two were banked in awkwardly, but it was enough to keep them within ten up until the last five or six minutes of the half.

James Southerland continued to shine in his role off the bench, replacing Christmas early and immediately providing a spark to a listless offense.  In addition to his four threes, he had a nice move in the post for an easy deuce, and one spectacular finish on an alley-oop that I thought was destined for the crowd when MCW first let it go.  Southerland continues to be the most fascinating player on the team for me, I was a very enthusiastic supporter of his during his first couple years, but started to lose hope last year when he slumped once January hit.  He did rebound a bit toward the end of the year, but my hopes of him becoming a regular scorer had already faded.  Well, my hopes are incredibly high once more, and the question is whether he can sustain this for an entire year – he’s teased us like this before so it is by no means a certainty.

Michael Carter-Williams had seven or eight quick assists and seemed on his way to twenty’ish (I think they said 21 is the record by Sherman Douglas) before slowing down a bit.  He’s definitely the best distributor we have had since Billy Edelin and at this point is leading the nation in assists.  He would have a few more than the thirteen he finished with if Cooney could hit a three.  After looking pretty good in the exhibition games, his shot seems to be off – way off.  I am not sure how many he’s missed in a row, but it’s definitely hit double figures.

He seems to be pushing his shot a bit, and it doesn’t look as fluid as it did early in the year.  Hopefully he corrects it and settles down a bit going forward.  He seems a bit too anxious to get his first shot off and has been forcing the issue to get those first couple shots up.

The big men played okay.  Keita had some trouble catching the ball after a few games in a row where he seemed to have rectified the problem that plagued him the first two years.  Overall he played well though, as did Coleman who hit double digits in point or the first time.  I remain a little leery about what kind of impact he’s going to have this year.  He doesn’t seem very explosive and will probably struggle against shot blockers – I guess we’ll see.  Christmas had a nice game – especially on the offensive end where he had a couple nice shots from five to ten feet fall for him.


CJ Fair – He looked like he may be the go-to guy early in the year, but his offensive game seems to have hit a lull.  Still, he’s consistent and does a good job on defense and mixing it up on both ends of the court.

Grant – Looks good so far, I’m not sure he’s going to contribute much this year, and once conference play starts he’s going to be the most likely candidate to see his minutes disappear, but he’s shown flashes that he’s going to be a good one going forward.  He hit a three, showed off his athleticism and definitely seems ready to contribute a little if needed later on.

Triche – Decent game, not spectacular, but not bad.  Didn’t seem to be hitting his shots, but did a good job playing within the offense.

Arkansas is up next, should be a decent game to gauge where this team is.


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