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Thanksgiving in the rear-view…

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Happy Thanksgiving all!

My holiday consisted of a trip to the delightful Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area of Pennsylvania.  It’s just a quick two and a half hour drive away from Syracuse down (and then back up) I-81.  In case anyone is interested I-81 is in dire need of individuals looking to adopt a highway.  I am not quite sure how you go about adopting a highway, or what your responsiblities are once you have done so, but if anyone is interested in doing so in honor of Human See, Human Do just let me know.

Also, shame on the LaFayette Little League for having adopted a small stretch of highway and doing such a god-awful job of maintaing it.  In their little stretch I saw a bunch of garbage and an infestation of rodents – or at least I thought they were rodents.  They may have been deer – they were pretty far set back in a field so I’m not sure.  Either way, they need to get out there, put some boots to the ground, and take care of their responsibilities.

Other than the aforementioned trip down I-81 I saw my first ever Bond film.  Although I may have seen one when I was a kid to be honest (View to a Kill, maybe???).  Fairly decent movie, but the ending left me a bit confused.  The bad guys seemed to have a fairly poor plan considering their background and training, and Javier Bardem’s turn as a blond was a bit disturbing.

I also had some turkey, not enough stuffing, a bunch of vegetables, and too much football.   I did venture out on Black Friday which worked out fairly well, a bit crowded, but not as bad as I expected. That pretty much sums up my Thanksgiving, and now back to work on Monday.


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  1. matt says:

    I would like to make a suggestion for blog content. Can you provide an update after each SU basketball game so I don’t have to send you an email asking you an update after each game?

    On that note, did you see the Colgate game? How did MCW look?

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