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According to my flag counter I have received hits (views) from 192 countries.  The logical follow-up question to that piece of information is just how many countries are out there????  If you are at all like me your first guess is probably going to be 192 because that’s how many countries have visited Human See, Human Do, however, like me, you would be wrong.  Very wrong.

So, what’s your second best guess?  Give it a shot, and the answer will follow after the poll.

The answer has been provided by About.com which may be the most annoying site on the internet.  It’s like Wikipedia if Wikipedia really sucked, used a horrible format, and wasn’t at all interesting to spend more than one minute browsing. However, for the sake of this poll question we are going to go with their answer (it’s 196 btw).

The odd part here is that my Flag Counter is claiming that I am missing visitors from 43 countries which puts their total count at 235 – a pretty substantial discrepancy.  Since I seem to be missing out on so many countries I figured I would take a moment and write a bit about one of my missing countries, Micronesia!!  Hopefully, by spending a moment or two highlighting one of my missing visitors I can eventually rectify this unfortunate oversight on the part of the 43 deprived countries one at a time.  With any luck a few residents will find their way over here and spread the joy of Human See, Human Do to their homeland.  And, more importantly, they can purchase some merchandise while they’re here!  (I just added new merchandise today!)

So, what do you we know about Micronesia?

Micronesia is actually one of the most famous UN Territories that falls under US administration!  In fact, it may be the only one.  I really have no idea, but since I never heard of anything like that before I am going to go ahead and call them the most recognizable of such designees.  It’s located in the North Pacific Ocean (I had never even heard of that Ocean before today!), and is approximately four times the size of Washington DC which means it’s not very big, but it is composed of billions of tiny little islands which is sort of interesting.  That’s all I got, if you would like more information feel free to check out the entry on Wikipedia, and if anyone has any stories to share about Micronesia feel free to do so…..


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