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In one of the sadder news stories to hit the wire in a while, apparently Hostess is shutting its doors and forever locking behind them their delicious snackcakes. I can’t recall the last time I indulged in one of their treats (maybe yesterday at lunch….maybe not….I really don’t remember……it was coffee cakes), but entering a gas station and not seeing the Hostess display will mark a sad end to our relationship.

In lieu of the Hostess display the remaining choices will be sorely lacking in fun.  Sun Chips, Candy bars, potato chips – the junk food choices took a serious blow if this continues to play out and Hostess is truly finished.  The only person this truly works out for is Little Debbie.  And Little Debbie is perhaps best known for making imitation Hostess products that just kind of always leave you wishing you had bought Hostess in the first place.

Except of course for the Christmas Tree Cakes (or when it’s not the holiday season – Zebra Cakes), which have been known to bring out the worst in some people.

Speaking of Little Debbie, if you get a moment stop over to their site and view the thousands upon thousands of snack related offerings they provide (Banana Pudding Rolls?).  As a child I was pretty much aware of the fudge brownies, which I hated to be honest.  Instead of being able to tear into the package and begin eating I always had to waste most of my lunch hour trying to scrape off the stupid walnuts.  I eventually graduated to swiss cake rolls (they were ho-hos if ho-hos weren’t very good), and finally zebra cakes – those being the one item Little Debbie makes that actually is worth purchasing on very rare, very special occasions (like Tuesday nights).  Anyway, if you flip through their site they have about 800 different kinds of cakes, brownies, cookies, and cereal bars.  I’m not sure where they sell of this nonsense, but I would guess somewhere down south.  Hi Alabama!

While ninety-percent of Americans are clamoring for the same type of bailout that saved the auto-industry (citation intentionally omitted) I think Hostess will probably survive regardless of governement intervention.  It seems almost unfathomable that Little Debbie isn’t siting around just waiting for a chance to buy up the recipes and finally start baking edible treats.



  1. debbiedigital says:

    Well, now I want a Twinkie. Are they really all gone?

  2. Laura says:

    As long as Arby’s sticks around, we’ll be a-ok.

  3. debbiedigital says:

    Bring me home a Twinkie!

  4. Rodney says:

    For your information…..Hostess only does about 20% of the cake business that Little Debbie does nationwide. Hostess was not tops in IRI data on cake sales in major chain stores it was Little Debbie. Where I live in Ohio there are 12 Little Debbie delivery trucks and only 2 Hostess trucks. What does that tell you? Do your research before you make comments like you did. Little Debbie even won National taste test. Lets all hope they buy Hostess and preserve their products because Hostess did have a few good ones. Their bread sales (wonder) is where their sales actually came from. They also owned Dolly Madison

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