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Where am I now?

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Since it has been quite a bit of time since my last post it seems appropriate to clue everyone in on where exactly I am. I think the last time I posted I was probably in New York (Rochester), or maybe Iowa, possibly Illinois, but definitely not Idaho.

I am now residing in the city of Syracuse.  Since many of you aren’t familiar with where that is I will explain to the best of my ability (and with maps).  Syracuse is in the state of New York, and it’s actually one of the lesser known, but up and coming boroughs of New York City.

It combines the homey values of upstate New York with all the hipness of a place like Brooklyn.  It’s also COVERED in homeless people so it has that gritty feel of the Big Apple.  I am available to give tours – please contact me in the comments section to discuss rates/packages.

Here’s a map!

And a close up:


1 Comment

  1. debbiedigital says:

    “one of the lesser known, but up and coming boroughs of New York City”


    We’re glad you’re back.

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