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Back???? Again???

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Since I just removed about one thousand posts, I am sure that many of my followers are going to have questions.  Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions to guide you through the process:

Q:  RonnieDigital, you used to have over 700 posts, but now you only have a handful, what happened?

A:  Good question.

Q:  Is the merchandise still available for the upcoming holiday season?

A:  That is actually why I returned!!!!!  Please, please, please feel free to shop for Human See, Human Do merchandise!  Just click on the tab up top and fulfill all your holiday needs!

Q:  Where did all the posts go?

A:  Well, to be honest since I have not posted in about fourteen months I thought it might be best to do a complete reboot of the blog.  I will be going through some of my old posts and occassionally bringing them back to life, but due to time constraints I decided to simply move everything to pending status at the moment.

The two posts below this one were the original two posts from my blog back in 2008.  Human See, Human Do is now over four years old and has an amazing 275,000 visits.  That makes it the 8th most popular site on the internet according to my metrics.

Q:  You promised us movie reviews once, but you stopped at twenty.  Will that feature be returning?  What about the forum?

A:  The forum is most likely dead.  The movie reviews….ummmm, probably the same.

Q:  Wait, are you just going to leave again?  I followed religiously for three years and then nothing – what gives?

A:  Probably.

Q:  Why return now?  Does it have anything to do with Justin Bieber breaking up with Selena Gomez?

A:  Due to a sudden increase in the amount of free time I have it seemed like a perfect time to revive my blog!



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